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How to save money

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With Yokoy, nothing is left unresolved. The all-in-one spend management solution is the state-of-the-art tool to keep track of your company's expenses in real time.

Yokoy is a complete user-friendly spend management suite for midsized, large and global companies. Every small improvement made daily adds up to huge results at the end of the year.

adds up.



How can €25 a day become
€456’250 per year?

Improve efficiency with AI automation

Remove manual tasks

Remove paperwork, eliminate manual data entry, and automate repetitive tasks with AI, so you can focus on what really matters.

Consolidate and streamline your expense process from end to end, with AI-powered data processing and seamless integrations.

Streamline your process

Reimburse employees faster

Keep your employees happy and ensure timely reimbursements with automated reconciliation and approval flows.

Digitalize your invoices

Reach a new level of cost control

Eliminate manual tasks and paper invoices, minimize errors, and speed up processing time with e-invoicing capabilities.

Streamline the full process

Consolidate your approval flows in one central platform and automate your data extraction and invoice matching with AI.

Optimize your global spend

Prevent payment delays and turn spend data into insights to optimize business spend with Yokoy’s real-time reporting.

Business payments, fully automated

Seamless data flows

Bring all your payments into once central platform to remove data silos and ensure end-to-end spend visibility.

Automated matching

Remove manual work by automatically fetching transaction data and matching it to the corresponding receipts with AI.

Real-time reporting

Track global payments in real-time and gain full control over your spend with AI-powered data reporting.


Start thinking small

Yokoy saves you at least €25 per day by automating your spend management. Money that would usually be spent on manually checking invoices. €25 doesn’t sound like much. But missing out on €456.250 does, right? That's because it all adds up.

Let's imagine the following scenario

You are a CFO employing 50 people in your finance department. Matching invoices to orders costs the company €25 per day. In a year, that's already €9.125. And that's just for one employee. You have 50. So that is €456.250 that you can be saving.

The Yokoy all-in-one spend management solution uses AI to automate your financial processes. Eliminate boring repetitive tasks, human error, and inefficiency losses by using the power of AI. Even a small gain a day compounds into big savings at the end of the year.

A small gain a day

It all adds up with Yokoy

Saving €25 of work a day can save you €456.250 in a year. That much is clear. But we made a lot of assumptions here. The first step you can take is to learn what Yokoy can save your company. Our ROI calculator lets you fill in the information needed to calculate your potential savings. Use it to see what Yokoy can do for you.

One solution for all your corporate spending

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It all


adds up.

How much can you save with Yokoy?

How to save money BIG TIME